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Give your time - NGO EXIT

“Asyl in Not”: general counselling during the asylum procedure, thorough preparation for interrogations, taking legal action, counselling on the foreign policing procedure, counselling for rejected asylum seekers, as well as illegalised persons and common search for solutions  .

How can you support “Asyl in Not”? The organisation is looking for volunteers in the field of legal advice on the austrian aliens´ and asylum law, whereby a preceding legal education is not required. With an already existing interest and enough commitment, the essential basics for counselling can be acquired directly at “Asyl in Not”.


Währinger Straße 59/2/1
1090 Wien


direct link to the website Asyl in Not

Amnesty International is fighting for the implementation of all human rights mentioned in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other International Human Rights Conventions. Getting actively involved in the work of Amnesty International is possible in various fields and projects, as well as in a number of campaigns.


Moeringgasse 10
1150 WienAustria


direct link to the website Amnesty International Österreich