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In December 2008 EXIT Austria founded a branch office in Edo State, Nigeria and registered it under the name “Adesuwa Initiatives”. The branch office is there to support the local citizens in their fight against human trafficking, with the aid of preventive measures. Vulnerable groups are being enlightened about the activities of human traders in the organization´s headquarter in Benin City; at the same time “Adesuwa Initiatives” wants to open up new perspectives for them, so that they can effectively combat the causes of human trafficking. On a long-term basis, improving their life circumstances should enable the target group to find alternatives to the offers made by human traders, whose offers are particularly directed towards young girls and women.

Activities in Nigeria:

  • Support of the target group with the aim for them to participate in school lessons and medical check-ups
  • Enlightenment of young people, and the public in general, about the importance of human rights
  • Helping people to help themselves in their acquisition of vocational training, in order to increase their chances for a job
  • Consulting young women and their family members on local problems and the activities of human traders

AIYC is a project initiated by EXIT Nigeria, and wants to combat the lack of knowledge vulnerable women and their families have concerning human trafficking, with the aid of information material and informative talks. AIYC wants to inform target groups with the screening of films dealing with human trafficking, group discussions and individual counseling. The events partly take place at the organization´s headquarter, partly at other places, but always with the goal to reach many people. Furthermore the organisation implements events at girls´ schools for higher education, in collaboration with the schools´ administrations. At these school events, the young female students have the possibility to being counseled individually by members of the organization and are being invited to visit the AIYC offices.